Yoga for stress workshop @triyoga Chelsea

I saw a yoga therapy client yesterday who wanted me to help with chronic headaches and back pain, she seemed doubtful as to whether yoga can help with her stress.
I told her that absolutely it could!
Yoga is a complete system for well-being which is unfortunately often reduced to and perceived as a workout or just physical exercise in the west.

The ultimate goal in yoga is to find our true self and to do this we need to change our identification with ourselves.
Yoga gives us the tools to change our relationship and attachment to our physical bodies, our thoughts and our emotions.
Not only does it give us a healthy body it allows use to choose how and whether we react to external factors, other people and our ourselves.
Yoga gives us the ability to distance or separate ourselves from what is undesirable and in doing so wholly connect to what is positive or desirable in our lives.

At my workshop we shall explore some of these tools and concepts and see how we can integrate them into our lives.
Click here to book your place. triyoga Chelsea 24/02/17 19.30-21.30.


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