Yoga Nidra For Sleep!

Want to wake up in the morning feeling this good?

Do you have problems falling asleep or wake in the morning and maybe with aching muscles/neck and still feeling tired?
The chances are your quality of sleep is poor, try my simple yoga nidra for sleep to help you fall asleep and then achieve a deep nourishing sleep to help you awaken feeling refreshed and renewed.  You don’t have to do this before bed, even if you have 20 minutes a quick but deep nap can sometimes be all you need.
Yoga nidra is yogic sleep, you don’t have to so anything apart from take your awareness to the different parts of your body as I guide you. Try it and if you like it I suggest doing it every day for at least 5 days, you’ll feel like a new person!
Get yourself comfortable and warm, make sure the room is dark and that you feel supported physically and emotionally, put your headphones on and then click here for my delicious yoga nidra for sleep!
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