Having a sports massage after training reduces soreness and improve performance.

Did you know that a regular massage after exercise can reduce soreness and improve muscle performance?

This is not just for professional athletes but for anyone working hard in the gym and taking their health seriously

Here’s me doing some Olympic lifting last year.

In this recent meta-analysis (an analysis of lots of scientific studies) involving 504 participants the authors concluded that there was significant reduction of muscle soreness and in addition those who had recieved a massage after exercise had an increased maximal muscle isometric force and peak torque were improved.

Over the years I’ve competed at two different sports at national level and I’ve also trained and competed in many more so I have experience of sports and injuries not only from my professional training and clinical experience as a therapist but also from personal experience as an athlete.

My Myofascial Release and Sports Massage treatments are very much sports and performance focused so book in with me at triyoga, Grace Belgravia or Body Space and see for yourself how you can use massage to help you get to the next level!

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