It’s Stress Awareness Month 2019!

In honour of this I’ll be posting some videos specifically on how yoga can help reduce and manage stress. Keep an eye out for my upcoming blog on yoga for stress @triyoga‘s website and please let me know how you like my Prana Vayu video below. 

Does Foam Rolling Work?

In a recent study* published in the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy, 26 (14 female, 12 male) healthy adults completed 3 sessions of foam rolling.

The participants rolled at a rate of 30 rolls a minute for 3 sets with 30s of rest between sets.
Results showed that the control group (who didn’t foam roll) had a decreased range of montion (ROM) by 2% and the two groups who foam rolled had an increased range of motion of up to 14%

So to help improve your range of motion after exercise, foam rolling works!

See my youtube vid on how to use a foam roller and get rolling!

The control session consisted of a 5 min warm up on a cycle ergonometer and immediately after this had their passive hip adduction range of motion (ROM) assessed bilaterally using the modified Ober’s test. They then sat on a chair for 3 min before being retested.
For the active (AFR) and passive (PFR) foam rolling sessions the procedure was the same with the exception of the participants foam rolling instead of resting.
PFR increased ROM by 11% and AFR by 14%.
The terminology used in this paper is a little unusual as the difference between what they describe as active and passive (AFR & PFR) is that one is rolling the glutes and the other is rolling the ITB. For me active foam rolling is changing the length of the muscle whilst rolling on it e.g. flexing/extending the knee whilst rolling the IT band which I demonstrate on my Youtube video.

*The effect of an acute bout of foam rolling on hip range of motion on different tissues. Hall M, Chadwick Smith J. International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy 2018:13 (4):652-650

I felt twenty years younger! What a lovely testimonial :)

I practice yoga, meditation, dance…. I believe in self sufficiency when it comes down to wellbeing and that through regular practice one should not need to go to a practitioner to be “Fixed” or made feel better… Well… James told me: “Sometimes you just need to relax and let someone else do the work for you”, so I did. James will make you feel at ease straight away and make sure of you being comfortable with the treatment all the way through it. I have suffered with back issues for over 20 years and other little pains here and there caused by various injuries, which I would feel particularly in the mornings, and is precisely in the morning after the treatment that I realized how deeply the treatment had affected me! I felt 20 years younger and almost no pain!!! Thank you James!

Core Strength Challenge!

5 exercises, 6 minutes, core strenght challenge, details to follow.
One of my regular students 68 years old, what’s your excuse?
#yoga #corestrengthchallenge #strong #corestrength

Yoga for stress workshop at triyoga Camden 25-1-19

I’m facilitating a 2hr yoga for stress workshop at @triyogauk Camden on the 25th of January at 7.45pm.

We’ll look at how yoga affects the nervous system, the adrenals, your sleep and much more.
Exploring simple and practical techniques from classical asana, vinyasa krama, meditation, pranayama, restorative, yin yoga and yoga nidra.

If there’s anything you’d like to explore in this workshop please let me know, it may be insomnia, anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, tight shoulders, neck/back pain etc.
Yoga works on all levels of being and stress affects all aspects of our health so if there’s anything you’re worried about come along and see how yoga can help.

Click here for more information and to book your place and I look forward to seeing you there!