Benefits of infra-red heat

EFFECT OF THERAPEUTIC INFRA-RED IN PATIENTS WITH NON-SPECIFIC LOW BACK PAIN: A PILOT STUDY. Ansari NN, Naghdi S, et al. Journal of bodywork and Movement Therapies 2014;18(1):75-81

Ten patients (5 men ad 5 women; age range 25-55 with non specific low back pain (NSLBP) were treated with infra-red (IR) for 10 sessions, each for 15min, 3 days a week for a period of 4 weeks. Outcome measures were the Numerical Rating Scale (NRS), the Functional Rating Index (FRI), the Modified-Modified Schober Test (MMST) and the Biering-Sorensen test to assess pain severity, disability, lumbar flexion and extension range of motion (ROM) and back extensor endurance respectively. Data was collected at baseline, at the end of the 5th treatment session (after 2 weeks) and at the of the treatment (after 4 weeks).

There were statistically significant effects of infra-red on all outcomes of pain, function, lumbar flexion-extension ROM and back extensor endurance.

If you didnt already know of the benefits of infra-red heat there you have it! triyoga’s far infra red heat hot classes are a great way to improve your flexibility, range of motion and overall practice. Generally speaking if you can improve functionality you will reduce pain, we follow a sequence in the class so you can easily see your progression week by week making it a very safe practice.

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