Do you suffer from headaches & Migraines?

It’s incredible the amount of people who suffer with them and for many these are debilitating conditions which severely affects quality of life. Many sufferers of migraines and headaches also have issues with TMJ, jaw, neck too.

Did you know that?
90% Of the population have had a headache at some time.
75% Have episodes of headaches.
50% Experience severe headaches.
25% Have severe recurring headaches.
12% Have migraines.
4% Chronic daily headaches.
US figures

The good news is that massage can help and I was fortunate enough to complete an advanced myofascial training on this along with head neck and jaw with Til Luchau over the weekend.
Til is one of he worlds foremost Rolfing and Myofascial Release experts and I’ve trained with him in the past, great to have him back in the U.K..!
Book in with me to experience some of the fantastic techniques I’ve learnt. It’s amazing how much tension we often hold in the face and in the bony structures of the head and neck. How much lighter, freer and happier we can be when they are released.

Click here to book on-line at triyoga or contact me directly for a private treatment.
I’m also available at Grace Belgravia at any time on request.

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