What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga therapy is the prescriptive use of various yogic techniques such as asana, pranayama, relaxation and meditation to help people achieve their health goals. Suitable for chronic health conditions, illnesses, injuries, stress or just for general health maintenance yoga therapy helps clients to improve function and reduce or manage their symptoms.
A yoga therapist looks not only at the physical level but on all levels of being, looking at the whole person rather than the condition to help bring optimum health and wellness.
A yoga therapy session will typically last 1.5 hours. You will need to complete a detailed health questionnaire before your first appointment and then during an interview go through any concerns you have.  I will watch you move, watch you breathe and then formulate a personalised home practice. Follow up appointments may be 1 or 1.5 hours where the practice can be fine tuned as symptoms improve or goals change.
There are dozens of peer reviewed clinical studies which have been published on the benefits of yoga therapy available on the web, click here for a nice write up from Yoga Journal on why western Doctors are now prescribing it. 
Email or call me for a 1-1 yoga therapy session at your home or office or book in with me at triyoga or Grace Belgravia

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