Will you go dry this January?

Dry January is Alcohol Concerns annual event which raises people’s awareness of alcohol and its effects by encouraging them to give up alcohol for the month of January.

Some alcohol facts
According to the Office For National Statistics there were 7327 deaths directly attributable to alcohol misuse last year and more than 1 million hospital admissions due to alcohol misuse in 2014-2015 according to the NHS digital website.
According to Alcohol Concern Alcohol misuse is the biggest risk factor for death, ill health and disability among 15-49 year olds in the UK and the 5th biggest risk factor across all ages, it’s estimated to cost the NHS more than 3.5 billion pounds annually.

Yoga and alcohol
Alcohol is a depressant (depresses the nervous system), it dulls the senses, makes your mind sluggish and is poison to the body.
Yoga brings balance to the nervous system, brightness to the mind, sharpens the senses and promotes a healthy body.
One of the most important texts on Hatha Yoga tells us to avoid alcohol and even if you’re not into yogic philosophy, the inward practices of Yoga give you the ability to reconnect with yourself, yoga takes you back home. The happier you feel in yourself, the more connected you feel to your body, mind and emotions, the less you will want to drink.
Over the years I’ve taught many specialist classes and workshops for people in recovery from alcohol addiction and even brought Yoga into structured day programmes in some London addiction recovery centres.

Please contact me for more information or to book a yoga therapy session on how yoga can help in your bid to manage your alcohol consumption.

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