Is massage effective in the relief of migraines & tension headaches?

Here’s what one of my clients (a Medical Doctor) has to say…

James is an excellent therapist. I’ve seen a large number of chiropracters, physios, and therapists due to a 5-year history of migraines, and more recent history of chronic upper back, shoulder and neck pain. Where my GP just wants to prescribe me drugs, I feel that James’s work is giving me a sustained reduction of pain by resolving chronic postural and muscle issues. His work is by far the deepest I have experienced. He clearly has an excellent understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the body, and is able to pinpoint specific areas to work on. After each session, I notice immediate relief, and over a number of sessions, I’ve noticed a sustained reduction in the amount of pain I am experiencing on a day to day basis. In addition, he has also made a number of recommendations for exercises to do and tools to use outside of the sessions, which I believe have also had a big impact. Dr N.H. (MD)

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