Global Yoga Therapy Day 2019

Today is Global Yoga Therapy Day!

This is a day where Yoga Therapists worldwide get together to share their skills and experience to help people through the power of yoga therapy.
Yoga therapy is more than just yoga, yoga therapists work with their clients to create a practice that can help them with a wide range of symptoms and conditions such as functional disorders (IBS, Fibromyalgia etc), migraines/headaches, insomnia, addiction, stress/mental health, physical injuries and restrictions and much more.
In a typical yoga therapy session you would be expected to complete a thorough health questionnaire, which the therapist will go through with you. The therapist will then complete a postural assessment and then watch you breathe and then move. After that they will create with you a personalised practice which can include a variety of techniques such as meditation, asana, pranayama and mantra, whatever is needed and whatever YOU feel works. This practice is then scribed (or maybe videod) for you so that you can practice at home at an agreed time.

Come to my yoga for stress class today and every Wednesday @triyoga Camden 2.15-3.30 to experience some of the techniques I may use in a yoga therapy 1-1. Alternatively book in with me before the end of August for a 1-1 yoga therapy session in my triyoga clinics Wednesday and Friday 5-9pm and Sunday 3.30-7.30pm and get a 25% discount!
You can also see me for yoga therapy at Workshop Gymnasium at The Bulgari Hotel and BodySPace Knightsbridge and Chelsea.
There are lots of free resources available online, visit 
and work with esteemed teachers such as Lisa Kaley-Isley (my yoga therapy teacher), Heather Mason, Richard Miller and Gary Kraftsow.
Please follow this link to my YouTube channel for more yoga therapy resources and make sure you subscribe as more videos are coming soon.

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