Sal Mubarak! (Happy New Year).

Yesterday was Hindu New Year and so I spent the day celebrating with my wife’s family and I’d like to take this pportunity to wish a happy (belated) Diwali & New Year to all my Hindu friends, family & clients.
One of the highlights was this poppadom tree at my mother in-laws temple so if you’ve ever wondered where poppadoms come from now you know!

This week you can find me as follows!


Rethink Harrow
Yoga for mental health (NHS, personal budget only)


triyoga Camden 
Yoga for stress 2.15-3.30
Myofascial massage and yoga therapy clinic from 5-9

triyoga Shoreditch 
Vinyasa Flow open. 3.30-4.45

Mind In Haringey  (contact them to self refer)
12.30-1.30 Yoga for mental health
12.45-1.45 Mindfulness & meditation

triyoga Camden
Myofascial massage & yoga therapy clinic 3.30-7.30

Please contact me for a private yoga or massage session or see me at The Workshop Gymnasium at the beautiful Bulgari Hotel Knightsbridge, FitSPace Chelsea or BodySpace Knightsbridge on request.

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